005 — The Sketchbook Chronicles

November 9, 2017

Fans of Chandler O’Leary’s work will definitely want to tune in to this episode! We delve into Chandler’s sketchbook series, chronicled on her travel blog Drawn the Road Again. We learn how the blog got its start and how it has impacted the rest of her work. Chandler describes her travel sketching process, materials she uses, the pitfalls of sketching in public, and much, much more.


Referenced in this episode:

An early work


The White City


Paris Metro Warning


Chicago Theatre




Papaya King


Matera – Santa Maria de Idris


Matera – San Julian


The Mother Road


These arches are 4-year-old approved!





2 comments on “005 — The Sketchbook Chronicles

  1. This is my favorite episode so far. I first met Chandler on an Urban Sketchers outing in Edmonds and have follower the blog every since. I really enjoy her work and have heard bits and pieces about her process before. But this episode had so many interesting details. Thanks!

    I agree with the visual practice of always framing compositions. I do that all the time, too.

    • Mary Holste Nov 17, 2017

      Hi Kate! We’re so glad you enjoyed this episode. We suspected people would be interested to learn more about Chandler’s process, so thanks for confirming our suspicions! Thanks also for listening. Take care!

      Mary and Chandler

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